Twydil Hippacan C
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Twydil Hippacan C helps stressed horses to meet new challenges.

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Even though horses have an imposing physique, we must not forget that they are prey animals. This leads to the conclusion that it is quite common and evolutionary sound for them to scare easily of things that might harm them. However, these days these fears might be more of a hindrance than a benefit to the horse's wellbeing. Twydil Hippacan C is a supplement for stressed horses that helps them adapt to changes more easily. Twydil Hippacan C is dubbed an adaptogen, as it comes from natural resources. It can be used to accustom the horse to a new competition, weaning, breakin-in, stable changes, etc... Twydil Hippacan C is also useful in the final lengths of preparation towards a tournament and has been shown to improve endurance in endurance horses.


  • ✔ Helps horses face new situations
  • ✔ Reduces stress
  • ✔ Improves endurance


Extracts from Eleuthérococcus senticosus, Maxim. and vitamin C


Twydil Hippacan C will be effective after 7 days of use. After 10 days of use its effects will be optimalized. Before a final preparation, studies have shown that combining Twydil Hippacan C with Twydil Vigorade is beneficial for their performance.

Scientific development

Scientific paper

Daily dose Twydil Hippacan C

Instructions for use
One 50 g sachet per horse per day added to the ration during minimum 10 days.
In preparation for a long journey: 2 sachets per day for minimum 10 days.
Do not exceed recommended daily quantities.
Withdrawal period: 48 hours

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