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Twydil Competition, the best food for racing and work horses. Promotes the recovery of the body after exercise

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Twydil Competition will strengthen your race horse before and after intense activity. It provides all the necessary ingredients to strengthen his skin and immune system against external threats and provides the perfect mix for internal repair of muscle tissue, glucose levels and cellular restoration. Furthermore it improves hoof-conditions and deters any possible condition that renders the horse incapable of competing. Twydil Competition is the best daily supplement to reach the maximum potential of your horse's physique.


  • ✔ Improve hoof- and coat conditions
  • ✔ Supports muscle recovery
  • ✔ Perfect for before and after sport events
  • ✔ For intense activity


14 vitamins, 7 trace elements, 4 amino acids and magnesium This composition allows the supply to be adapted to the requirements of each horse taking into consideration their feeding and work load. Do not use concurrently with other products containing cobalt in horses likely to be controlled for doping.


Twydil Competitionwill be recognisable in the blood stream after 3 weeks of use. Optimalization requires 6 weeks of use. The traceable amounts of vitamins, trace elements and the visual improvement of your horse's skin will aid their further development and increase their potential.

Scientific development

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Kirschvink N, de Moffarts B, Farnir F, Pincemail J, Lekeux P. Investigation of blood oxidant/antioxidant markers in healthy competition horses of different breeds. Equine Vet J Suppl. 2006 Aug;(36):239-44.

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Daily dose Twydil Competition

Feeding instructions (Measuring scoop of 75 g inside pack) Daily quantity to be mixed with the traditional feed:

  Showjumper Dressage Endurance Poney
Preparation 50g 50g 37,5g 37,5g
Competition 50g 50g 37,5g 37,5g
At rest 37,5 37,5 37,5g 20g

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