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Sanimed Weight Control is a complete food for dogs to maintain the ideal weight after a period of weight loss.

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If you feel like your dog is starting to get a little bit heavy, or has just lost a lot of weight and needs to maintain it, Sanimed Weight Control will provide the ideal mixture. Sanimed Weight Control maintains or reduces their bodyweight thanks to the low energy density. This way your dog can eat a lot and still not gain any weight. Furthermore it does have a high protein content to support muscle buildup. Additionally, L-Carnitine is added to the mixture. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that specifically breaks down fat tissue and converts it into useable energy for your dog during the day. Lastly, thanks to the high fibre content, blood sugar levels are regulated.Sanimed Weight Control , if your dog has any weight issues, this will address them. However, if your dog is really overweight, it is wise to go for Sanimed Weight Reduction . As always, if you are unsure, contact your local veterinarian for further support.


  • ✔ Low energy density to prevent weight gain
  • ✔ Support muscle buildup thanks to high protein content
  • ✔ Regulate blood pressure thanks to high fibre content
  • ✔ L-Carnitine amino acid breaks down fat
  • ✔ Regulates blood sugar levels


barley, corn starch, animal fat (poultry, beef), rice, dehydrated poultry, extract of animal protein, vegetable fat, whole egg powder, fish oil (salmon oil), hydrolysed chicken liver, yeast, cellulose, minerals

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

Dry feed crude protein (%) 30 crude fat (%) 5 crude fibre (%) 20 crude ash (%) 6 moisture (%) 8 calcium (%) 0.9 phosphorus (%) 0.7 sodium (%) 0.26 Additives vitamin A (IE/kg) 12500 vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 1250 vitamin E (dl-alfa-tocoferyl acetaat (mg) 300 iron II sulphate monohydrate (mg) 63 mangane ll oxide (mg/kg) 23 copper ll sulphate pentahydrate (mg/kg) 11 zinc sulphate monohydrate (mg/kg) 110 calcium iodate, anhydrous (mg/kg) 1.1 sodium selenite (mg/kg) 0.22 l-carnitine (mg/kg) 250 with natural antioxidants

Daily dose Sanimed Weight Control

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Vitoux martin - 18-06-2019 13:10

Très contente de votre produit ainsi que le délai de livraison très rapide . bon emballage


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