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Royal Canin URINARY S/O Cat 9KG

Royal Canin Urinary S/O Cat dilution
Royal Canin URINARY S/O Cat 9KG
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Royal Canin Urinary S/O is a complete diet food that helps to prevent kidney stones in cats and relapses thanks to the cooperation of 4 characteristics.

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  • ✔ Low purine content to reduce the chances of urate crystals formations
  • ✔ Acidifying the urine prevents any crystal formation in the urinary tract, effectively shutting down the supply of any forming kidney stones
  • ✔ A diluting effect on the urine, flooding any residual minerals in the process
  • ✔ Low purine content also prevents damage to the joints and kidneys
  • ✔ Low magnesium content, a key component in the process of forming kidney stones

Royal Canin Urinary S/O was formulated to aid cats suffering from urate crystals and halt the recurrence of these kidney stones. Royal Canin Urinary S/O uses a mixture which is low in magnesium, a key component in the process of forming kidney stones, as well as proteins with a low purine content to prevent urate crystals building up in their bodies. Meanwhile, the urine is diluted to flood any excess minerals that have latched on to the urinary tract and lastly, the urine is acidified to make sure any residual minerals are effectively dissolved. Feed Royal Canin Urinary S/O 5 to 12 weeks to witness the healing effect on your cat. Let your cat be the apex predator (or wholesome pet) it wants to be without having to suffer from medical issues that can be easily resolved with a diet change. Use Royal Canin Urinary S/O to keep your cat happy.


Rice, corn flour, wheat flour, animal fats, egg powder, wheat gluten *, corn gluten, minerals, vegetable fibers, fish oil, soybean oil, Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides, borage oil, Tagetes (African) extract (source of lutein) * L.I.P .: high-quality proteins that are highly digestible.


Vitamine A (IE/kg) 30.000, Vitamine D3 (IE/kg) 800, E1 (ijzer) (mg/kg) 63, E2 (jodium) (mg/kg) 5,3, E4 (koper) (mg/kg) 14, E5 (mangaan) (mg/kg) 66, E6 (zink) (mg/kg) 147, E8 (selenium) (mg/kg) 0,16,

Analytical Components

Daily dose of Royal Canin Urinary S/O 

Before you can proceed to purchase this product you should confirm the following : Your pet was examined by a vet who recommended the use of this product on the basis of his/her diagnosis You understand and agree that whilst your pet is fed this product , you seek veterinary adice regarding the usage of this product at least every 6 monts. You understand and agree that you seek immediate veterinary advice if your pet's condition deteriorates in any way whilst you use this product.

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Jose koot - 28-09-2019 23:45

Bij bevalt het niet goed , maar wel bij onze 5katten

Vgr jose koot

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