Primeval Stressless 420g
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Primeval Stressless helps calm horses in stressful situations. The horse will be unhindered and focused with the help of special herbs and essential amino acids.

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A horse is, evolutionary speaking, a prey animal. It has perfected its senses to be able to identify threats swiftly and react upon them in a flash. These senses kept them alive for many years. Yet, when these animals are put in a modern environment, these senses can be misleading and make the horse skittish and unpredictable, leading to precarious situations.

Primeval Stressless is a supplement to add to the daily routine that calms the horse down and makes it able to focus on it's goal. Visits to the veterinarian which can seem very threatening to the horse are neutralized and consecutive visits can happen in a more serene way.

Primeval Stressless uses organic ingredients - several different herbs, a combination of vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids - which calm the horse down and give them the proper nutrients to nullify the effect of the eerie stimuli. Primeval Stressless, keeps your horse in a more relaxed state where it can flourish.


  • ✔ Reduce stress
  • ✔ Relax horse
  • ✔ Regain a strong focus


Herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids.

Analytical Components

Analysis: crude protein: 13%, crude fiber: 1%, crude fat: 10%, crude ash: 40%, moisture: 6%

Daily Dose Primeval Stressless

For daily supplement to the diet:
Add one rounded scoop to the (preferably moistened) food per day.
For preventive use, for example during veterinary visits or competitions, preferably start administration five days before the start.
Dose three measuring scoops if there is an increased need.

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