Happy Dog Supreme Fit Well Sport Adult
Happy Dog Supreme Fit & Well Sport Adult
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Special food for very active dogs that provides the dog with the necessary nutrients to keep performing. Sport Adult is suitable for working dogs, pregnant dogs and competition dogs.

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  • ✔ 5 different protein sources for a rich and diverse meal
  • ✔ Clinically formulated to match the needs of sportive dogs
  • ✔ The meal is also applicable for pregnant dogs and working dogs
  • ✔ Highly digestible protein and fibre sources
  • ✔ Rich in healthy fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty-acids that strengthen the skin and the immune system and provide extra energy for maximum performance

Happy Dog Supreme Fit & Well Sport Adult will allow your dog to work or train the entire day without feeling a lack of nutritional support. It is always important to match the amount of exercise with an equal nutritional amount of food that allows the dog to perform the entire day. Happy Dog Supreme Fit & Well Sport Adult is therefor only to be used for energetic dogs that will burn all the fuel they take in. The mixture is rich in protein from 5 different sources to fulfill the muscular needs and keep recovering and strengthening their muscles during exercise. Next to a high protein content is a high fat content to ensure they have enough energy to burn during their workout. The fatty-acids used are extracted from high-quality sources and only the best kinds (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty-acids) are added to the mixture. Finally, the necessary vitamins and minerals are added to replace the used up electrolytes so your dog will only feel fatigue when his body is getting ready to rest. Happy Dog Supreme Fit & Well Sport Adult is a complete food that should be fed to exact specifications to ensure a perfect match between exercise and nutrition. You can only perform as well as your nutritional intake allows you to. Let your dog achieve its maximum performance with Happy Dog Supreme Fit & Well Sport Adult.


maize, poultry protein*,**), poultry fat, rice flour, haemoglobin*, salmon meal, fish meal, lamb protein*, sunflower oil, sugar beet molasses (desugared)*, apple pomace* (0.6%), rape-seed oil, sodium chloride, dried whole egg, yeast*, potassium chloride, seaweed* (0.15%), linseed (0.15%), new Zealand mussels* (0.02%), milk thistle, artichokes, dandelion, ginger, birch leaves, nettles, chamomile, coriander, rosemary, sage, liquorice root, thyme, yeast (extract)* (total dried herbs: 0.14%) (* dried, ** partially hydrolysed) Metabolisable energy: 1595 KJ/100g; 3810 Kcal/kg

Analytical Components

crude protein 28%, crude fat 16%, crude fibre 3%, crude ash 7%, calcium 1.5%, phosphorus 1%, sodium 0.4%, omega 6 fatty acids 3%, omega 3 fatty acids 0.35%


vitamins/kg: vitamin A 12000 I.E., vitamin D3 1200 I.E., vitamin E 75 mg, vitamin B1 4 mg, vitamin B2 6 mg, vitamin B6 4 mg, biotine 575 mcg, calcium-D-pantothenate 10 mg, niacin 40 mg, vitamin B12 70 mcg, choline chloride 60 mg, L-carnitine 200 mg, antioxidants: high tocopherol extracts of natural origin. Trace elements/kg: iron 105 mg, copper 10 mg, zinc 125 mg, manganese 25 mg, iodine 2 mg, selenium 0.15 mg

Daily Dose Happy Dog Supreme Fit & Well Sport Adult


Normal requirements

11 kg 175 g
15 kg 240 g
20 kg 300 g
25 kg 350 g
30 kg 405 g
35 kg 450 g
40 kg 500 g
45 kg 550 g
50 kg 600 g
60 kg 675 g
70 kg 760 g
80 kg 840 g

Before you can proceed to purchase this product you should confirm the following : Your pet was examined by a vet who recommended the use of this product on the basis of his/her diagnosis You understand and agree that whilst your pet is fed this product , you seek veterinary adice regarding the usage of this product at least every 6 monts. You understand and agree that you seek immediate veterinary advice if your pet's condition deteriorates in any way whilst you use this product.

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